29 Year-Old Black woman Runs One of the Largest Black-Owned Airlines in the Bahamas.

According to Bauce Magazine, “Rexy is the VP of Operations and General Counsel for Western Air is one of the youngest executives to lead a Black-owned airline. The Bahamian airlines reportedly have a net worth of over $90 million”.

Made of faith & steel. ❤

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In her Bio, she describes her as “Rexy Rolle was born in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and raised between Andros, Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she experienced both the benefits and the complexities of what the two worlds offered. Her success reigns from bold ambition and a solid work ethic which she adapted from her parents who first introduced her to entrepreneurs. Rexy began establishing her mark in the family business at an early age, though she’s always also embraced her artistic side, often putting on shows for family members and guests. As an attorney and aviation executive, Rexy’s innovation, persistence, and love of teamwork has helped to develop a strong track record of organizational growth and results. Consciously aware of her unique opportunity to expand upon a business which she has literally grown up with, Rexy takes nothing for granted and uses the family’s early struggles in the startup of the airline as a reminder for the need of continuous progression. She pushes herself to ensure her contributions are meaningful, significant and long-standing, all while doing it in style! Her educational accomplishments, proven leadership as a young female executive in a male-dominated industry, artistic talents, and fabulous fashion sense defines the new era of the leading lady with no boundaries or limits on success; Rexy currently serves as Vice President of Operations & General Counsel at Western Air Limited, the largest privately-owned airline in the Bahamas.”

Learn more about Rexy through her site (https://www.rexyrolle.com/)


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