Meet Stacy Ike: The Girl who Fought for her Fairytale


Stacy Ike is an African American TV Host, Actress and Entrepreneur Hailing from Houston, Texas and a proud University of Missouri J-School graduate. In her biography she mentions that she “works to impact the perception of traditional media by creating original content and uses her platform to entertain and inspire while reigning true to her integrity and social responsibility. ” Stacy is also the founder  of Fight For Your Fairytale,  a brand inspiring and encouraging other creatives to believe in themselves wholeheartedly and to continually grow past their fears to be the best version of themselves.


Recently, Stacy had the opportunity to take on a position as a Show host on Oprah Winfrey Network where she interviewed the cast of Greenleaf and other Celebrities.


Stacy has also graced the stage of What’s Good to discuss her platform Fight For Your Fairytale and Bumble.


Last but not least, Stacy took the cat out the bag and let her followers know that she will be hosting the Empire Fox pre-show every Wednesday on twitter. The fairytale host mentioned on her Instagram, “Empires weren’t built in a day, but you must keep going to get the gold. ✨💫The cat is out of the bag! I’ll be hosting the @empirefox pre-show every Wednesday at 4:30pm PT/6:30pm CT only on @twitter. Hope to see you there “.

Keep up with Stacy


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