Insecure Star Yvonne Orji is Now the New Ambassador For Colgate Total

The beautiful Yvonne Orji is now a new Ambassador for Colgate Total. This beauty is the perfect match for this gig. I mean, look at her smile. It’s everything the face of Colgate needs. For many of you who don’t know her, Yvonne Orji was (born December 2, 1983) is a NigerianAmerican actress best known for her role as Molly in the HBO series Insecure. Orji was born in Port HarcourtRivers State, Nigeria, and grew up in Maryland, US.[1] She received a master’s degree in public health at George Washington University. Orji’s parents expected her to become a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or engineer. However, she was inspired to do comedy as a child, when she performed stand-up in the talent portion of a beauty pageant. After graduate school, Orji moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. (Wikipedia, 2 


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